Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Dreamhost Support Phone Number ?
2. What is dreamhost Office Address ?
3. What is Dreamhost DNS ?
4. What is Dreamhost Unlimited Storage ?
5. Who Owns Dreamhost ?
6. Useful Dreamhost Links

1) What is Dreamhost Support Phone Number ?

DreamHost doesn’t give a phone call number: all phone support problems area unit handled as callbacks. Callbacks can be raised from inside your account.
Callbacks can not be created for numbers outside the U.S and Canada.
Callback area unit solely provided in English.
Callbacks can not be created due to Security or Abuse matters. In these cases, a full written prrof of all communications is needed.

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2) What is dreamhost Office Address ?

DreamHost, LLC
C/O Legal Department
707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 5050
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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3) What is Dreamhost DNS ?


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4) What is Dreamhost Unlimited Storage ?

You should be well aware of this unlimited word so read out here all exactly what dreamhost say about word unlimited. Legal from Dreamhost for Unlimited Policy.

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5) Who Owns Dreamhost ?

Owner’s Name:- Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil.
Company Name:- New Dream Network, LLC, founded in 1996

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6) Useful Dreamhost Links

Below are the some useful links from dreamhost which will help you to know and search everything about Dreamhost.

  • Dreamhost Status:- Keep in touch of all updates and status from dreamhost as server is down or any updates are going for them or anyhting new dreamhost is coming up with.
  • Dreamhost Blog:- Dreamhost blog as it will keep help you know all insides and out about them.
  • Dreamhost Forum:- you can join there forum to learn from them and solve your problems if you are tech lover as discussions always make you learn.
  • Dreamhost Help Or Wiki:- If you finding for any answer about dreamhost and not getting once try search here you will get it for sure.
  • Dreamhost Support & Contact:- You can contact them here any time 24/7/365 for any support.
  • Dreamhost Login: Login panel link where you can login to your account.
  • Dreamhost Domain registrar:- as not much know about it dreamhost is also an domain name registrar, if you wanna buy domain from them you can buy it from here.
  • Dreamhost Mail Login:- Dreamhost email login as many forget the link to it so i have updated it here for your help.

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