Government Electric Vehicle Policy (EV Policy) – Objective and Plans

The electric vehicle promotion is the new policy for which the government is preparing for, initially, the promotion will take place on the small scale so that government being able to check whether the policy will be fruitful or not. The policy is basically for the betterment of the automobile sector. The Prime Minister of India will inaugurate the policy by providing subsidies to the automobile sector in the market of e-mobility to promote the policy all over the country. As per the proposal, the government will start the scheme on 7 of the September.

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Where will the EV policy be started?

As the above mentioned the policy is to be aimed to launch by the September 9th. It will be firstly initiated in the densely populated areas to get the favorable outcome from the policy. The policy will begin in the nine cities which have a population of over 4 million and then the policy will take place in 1 million plus population areas. The known busy corridors such as Delhi to Chandigarh and Pune to Mumbai can be its first center after the inauguration of the scheme.

What is the need for Government Electric Vehicle Policy (EV Policy)?

  1. To reduce the air pollution as the pollution index is going higher and higher day by day causing a number of health related issues.
  2. To reduce the global warming caused due to the fumes or emissions from the automobiles.
  3. To reduce the human more and more dependency on the fossil fuel as they are getting less day by day.
  4. India is the country who provide this global solution to the problem and provide it at the reasonable prices and are easily available to use.
  5. To reduce the noise pollution caused due to the vehicles.
  6. To increase the efficiency of the automobiles.


What are the objectives of EV policy?

The objective of the Government Electric Vehicle Policy (EV Policy) is to implement the master plan being made to contact the 60 to 80 percent of the cities to make use of public transport or get attached to the service being provided. With the implementation of the policy, India will become the country to make use of solar power to generate the energy and will make use of the energy for running vehicles. With this the Government of India targeting 100 GW of solar by 2022.

Under what plan the EV policy comes?

The Government Electric Vehicle Policy (EV Policy) comes under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) which targets the more sale with the greater use of power and technology and it would require more than 10 billion units of electric current, which is just 1 percent now. The aim is to achieve the target by 2020.