Dreamhost Cloud Storage Review

Dreamhost Cloud Storage Review
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Dreamhost Cloud Storage just Go ahead for it and Store all your junk in the trunk.

Dreamhost Cloud Storage also known as DreamObjects is very low-cost cloud storage service. You can use it to host your static data of websites, store backups or developing the next big thing. You can access DreamObjects through Dreamhost control Panel, also via standard APIs, or with a lot of other applications. It’s compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift APIs also.

Dreamhost gives Free Trial also for 30 Days

Some Features :-
a) Powered by Open Source
b) Free Uploads & API Requests
c) Fully Scalable Storage
d) 24/7 Chat & E-Mail Support
e) S3 + Swift Compatible
f) Reliable Redundant Servers

It costs 2.5¢/GB of storage per month and 5¢/GB of downloads per month Or you can Save More with a Prepaid Plan.

Pre-paid plans available.- After signing up, you can upgrade to any of their money saving pre-paid plans below.

Dreamhost Cloud Price

More than cloud storage, Tech-savvy individuals can also use the cloud storage to back up their files, and cheaply store terabytes of pics, music, & videos.

The Web App Development- Ideal for developers needing object storage to augment or replace existing S3 or Swift functionality via API.

Backup WordPress Sites- Automate your WordPress site backups, upload pics and also use of shortcodes to display images.

Store Your Files & Media- Easily store small, medium and large amounts of personal files such as system pics, audios, videos, and backups.

We want the best open source cloud. Dreamhost cloud helps developers from closed proprietary systems to a cloud platform which is built on a foundation of transparency & open source.

Fully-Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN)- DreamSpeed Content Delivery Network copies and delivers your files securely to very fast servers all around the world, now users will receive the copy that is geographically closest to them, which results in a much faster download. DreamSpeed service can be an add-on after you sign up for DreamObjects.

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